Oldtown (kaleiçi) is a touristic site,surrounded by historical walls in the center of the city. Oldtown, the pupil of Antalya,is almost like an open air museum.

While you are walking in the narrow streets,takes you to the Helenistic times and you feel the experiences.There are two entrance and exit gates by car,hadrianus gate and clock is an exceptional area,you may have what you dream for your holiday with various concepts.

As it in the city center of the city,it gives you opportunity of shopping,on the other hand,you can enjoy the sea in the mermerli beach which is private beach in old town. You may take  boat trips from addition to these,it offers you so active night life with lively musics.

When you come to Antalya, we recommend to see the Oldtown atmosphere. Stay at Özmen Hotel in Antalya and have your dream holiday.
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