Olympos in Antalya is the best choice for those who prefer a peaceful holiday instead of crowded beaches and all-in hotels. Besides its beautiful beach, pristine nature, tranquil atmosphere and ruins of the ancient city, never ending Chimera Fire is another good reason which makes Olympos a very popular destination. It is a must-do for a vacationer to spend at least one night nearby the fire which has been guiding sailors for thousands of years. According to the mythology this fire, burns brightly at night at this site, is related with the fire-breathing Chimera.

Pirates’ Refuge

Olympos, which was founded in the third century BC, was a densely populated, as evidenced by the fact that it had 3 votes in the Lycian League Council and a strong settlement economically. In the first century BC, it became a place for pirates thanks to its sheltered position. It was used as a base by the leader of the pirates Zeniketes who frightened the Mediterranean people for a long time and it began to be called “the city of pirates”. This situation continued until 78 BC when it was captured by the famous Roman commander Servilius Isauricus and turned into a Roman city.

Secret Paradise

The remnants of the Ancient City of Olympos spread over the two sides of the river that formed this natural wonder valley. There are so many ruins hidden in dense bushes and vegetation. The acropolis on a high hill, the walls that protected the city, the theatre, the river which was transformed into a canal by walls on both sides and remnants of a bridge are certainly worth to visit. Knowing each one of them was used by the pirates as well as the Lycians and Romans will increase the enjoyment of the trip and each discovery.

Besides its historical significance as an archaeological site, Olympos is also a natural conservation area hosting natural wonders. Its coast which is one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean is also a natural spawning area of Caretta carettas. The sea, which is frequented by the Blue Cruise boats, is clear and attractive all the time. Visitors staying in a tent or tree houses can easily get rid of the whole year’s tiredness in a peaceful and tranquil environment.

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