Perge, which is the closest to the Antalya city center, ancient city is one of the Turkey’s cultural treasures. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List thanks to the importance of the ruins and artifacts found in the excavations in addition to being one of the largest and most important ancient settlements that have survived as a whole. The reason why Perge is a favorite settlement for history and art lovers is that it was one of the most important sculpture production centers of Ancient Age. The Antalya Museum, where the statues uncovered during the excavations is exhibited, is considered one of the richest Roman sculpture museums in the world. After the ancient city, a visit to the Museum will give you clues about the splendor Perge once had and will increase your admiration for the city.

Perge 2000-year-old Magnificince

Perge lived the most brilliant years in the Roman domination of 2nd and 3rd century AD. Most of the buildings, seen today, belong to this period. However, the story of settlement goes much older. When the ancient city was entered, the two towers, which attracted the first attention, were still admired by its splendor even most of them had been demolished. The two towers are regarded as the symbol of Perge. Once upon a time, there was the main gate, which ensured the entrance to the city. There is a 300 meters long street leading to the monumental fountain behind the towers. Anyone who entered the city would follow this street after passing through the gate. To know that you stepped in the same place as anyone who lived here 2,000 years ago, including Saint Paul, will enhance your enjoyment. The shops were lined up both sides of the road, the main street of the city. One of the reasons for Perge’s archaeological significance is the level achieved in urban planning and its place among the most organized cities of the Roman period. This street was one of the main axes of the city plan. The surplus water structures in Perge will attract your attention. It was the water channel extending, bringing water to four monumental fountains and two baths, the largest of its kind in this area in the middle of the colonnaded street. At the same time, the water supply of the shops on both sides of the street was met by this channel. Another important building in the city is the Station building, 12,000 people. This structure, where sport competitions and exciting races took place in ancient times, has managed to reach today in the best condition. It is the second largest example of its kind in Station buildings and in Anatolia. Perge is an important settlement for the history of Christianity. The reason for this is that Saint Paul, who has a big role in the spread of Christianity all over the world, has visited here more than once during his travels. Perge is also the starting point of Saint Paul’s Road, which is one of the most popular trekking routes in Turkey.

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