Uçansu Waterfall

Uçansu Waterfall, which is located on the borders of Gündoğmuş district of Antalya, has become a popular destination for those who want to cool off in the hot summer.

Uçansu Waterfall, which is located on the near to Gündoğmuş district in Antalya, does not exceed 15 degrees. For those who are looking for a new and hidden spot to cool off, this is the right place for you. The 50 meters high Uçansu Waterfall, which was made from the summit of the Taurus Mountains and fed by the snow waters coming from the Akdağ and Geyik mountains, impresses its visitors with its landscape.

The waterfall, known as the cennet hidden paradise in the forest, which gives life to the Alara River by pouring from a few branches, attracts attention from the visitors once a day who wants to cool off especially in the summer. The water temperature of the waterfall reaching the highest 15 degrees in summer, reaches the Mediterranean Sea from Manavgat district. An ideal region for alternative tourism. Uçansu Waterfall welcomes thousands of tourists both local and from abroad. Unfortunately, for the tourists, no accommodation or food venues to eat are provided. In the coming days, new accommodation, food and local products will be served in order to make this area more better for the upcoming tourists.

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